Best Way To Save Money Green Cleaning in Chicago


There are a number of ways to save money cleaning green here in Chicago, as we have discussed in the past. At Shades of Green, we’re always working with our clients on how to stretch their cleaning supply and equipment budgets in the most cost effective way possible. In doing so, we have found over the years, that the best way to save money cleaning green, is by implementing a Green Cleaning Dilution system in your facility. Why? These are the main cost saving and green reasons:



Concentrated cleaning solutions purchased in bulk are typically stored in a wall unit in the janitor’s closet, diluted with water when needed. By their nature, they also contain less bulk storage and packaging.

Less Waste

As a dilution system is designed to mix concentrated cleaner with water in pre-measured amounts, the janitorial staff does not inadvertently waste cleaning solutions, which saves money and is better for the environment.

Low Maintenance

Dilution system maintenance costs are low, which also translates into an additional cost savings. Installation is simple and the system typically does not need replacement parts.


In terms of product lines, the best all-purpose concentrated green cleaning solution for dilution systems we have found is EnvirOx. Their H2Orange2 Concentrate 117, the most popular and versatile product in the line-up, and the Multi-Purpose Cleaner, are extremely effective. High concentrations of EnvirOx products produce more cost-effective results when compared with alternatives. home--h2orange2

Additionally, EnvirOx’s Critical Care disinfectant fights bacteria for 24 hours after application. Carpet Care separates stains from carpets and allows them to be vacuumed away with minimal moisture. Reducing the liquid required in the carpet-cleaning process is a huge benefit, as reducing drying times allows for daytime cleaning and making mold or mildew development less likely.

Whichever products you choose, know that Dilution Systems are key to saving money when green cleaning, particularly here in Chicago where we have the additional seasonal challenges to deal with. So don’t be reluctant to change up your facility’s janitorial maintenance plan in order to save more cleaning green!

If you need a Chicago area green building services contractor who can help you save more while maintaining your property in a sustainable manner, please get in touch with Shades of Green Building Services!

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