3 things homebuyers really want from their realtors

Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

Realtors are constantly looking to fill the pipeline with prospective homebuyers and to build their brand within the community. The best lead a real estate agent can get is a lead ready to buy, ideally already pre-qualified. But what do homeowners want from their realtors? How do they qualify YOU? There are many factors, including intangibles like personality fit, etc., but overall there are 3 things homebuyers really want from their realtors:


1. Homebuyers want realtors who show properties in their range.

Homebuyers like realtors who have homebuyers’s best interests at heart. Homebuyers want to buy a home within their range, not to be talked into buying more than they can afford so that the agent can get a larger commission. The best and fastest way to develop a good realtor reputation is to make sure you represent your buyers’s interests well.


2. Homebuyers want realtors who have a deep network.

Homebuyers want a realtor who has a deep network of mortgage brokers, lawyers, and inspectors. Whether or not a homebuyer needs these service referrals from you, it’s reassuring to know that you can provide them if necessary. It enhances your brand as an expert in the field. Furthermore, if something goes wrong with vendors during the homebuying process, it’s helpful if you can jump in with a trusted source in order to keep things on track.


3. Homebuyers need a realtor with great negotiating skills.

This one is a no brainer. But not only should a realtor have great negotiating skills, you should have creative negotiating skills. For example, you could negotiate that a seller cover closing costs in exchange for a higher selling price. Creativity will help to you to earn your client’s trust and develop the kind of reputation you want.


Bottom line, a realtor definitely wants to be perceived as working in the homebuyer’s best interests and being a client advocate. Once you achieve that, filling the pipeline gets easier and easier over time…. And a good social media strategy will help you get that done.

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