4 great ways to get lease-ups through social media


So, you know your property needs to be on social media, and you’ve even tried to do it yourself a handful of times. Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or tweeting… but with little to no results. So what do you do? Do you just ignore social media and continue to focus on getting lease ups and tenants through traditional methods, or do you continue to try social media by shooting in the dark?

Instead of that, you need to have a strategy. While every social media strategy is different and needs to be customized for each specific property’s goals, there are 4 basic rules that property managers need to follow:

1. Know who you ideal renter persona is.

Who is your ideal renter? What is their buyer persona? What is their lifestyle, demographics, income, habits, likes, dislikes? Before you try to target your rental market, you need to know exactly who your rental market is.

2. Have good content to share with your renters.

Once you know who your ideal buyer is, how are you going to engage them? What sort of substantive, engaging content do you have to share? Will you create the content, will you be sharing it from elsewhere, and how often? Once you know who your target is, you need to know how to engage them and keep them.

3. Find your renters on social media

Which social media networks do your renters use so that you can target them with your content? When, and how often? What is your plan to reach them so that you can create a community? Knowing which social media networks your ideal renter persona uses, and when, so that you can get their attention, is crucial in your strategy.

4. Convert your perspective renters into leads.

Let’s assume you’ve locked down your ideal renter persona, you’ve successfully engaged them with well written, and/or well researched, engaging, relevant content, and you’ve created a community in the ideal social media networks at the ideal time. What is your plan to convert these visitors into well qualified leads? Then in turn, convert these leads into tenants? Having a great call-to-action to funnel these visitors into the rental sales pipeline is crucial at this point.

Keep in mind, that this is a basic, generic outline as to how to formulate an effective social media strategy for getting lease-ups for your property. Ideally, this is an outline you want to follow when you outsource your social media needs to a consultant or agency. The above it a starting point for how to create your strategy, and the hard work comes in crafting it specifically for your property’s needs. There is no one-size-fits all, as every property’s needs are different. So when you outsource, make sure your vendor spends considerable time on YOUR specifics, and what works best for YOUR building!

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