Best New Technology In Green Cleaning


One of the newest advancements in green cleaning systems is referred to as activated water. Manufactured by different companies, a limited number of these systems have already been certified by Green Seal. So what is it?

Activated water is a green cleaning technology that requires fewer cleaning chemicals, also referred to as “enhanced water,” or “no-chemical.” It is created by applying a small amount of electricity to water, breaking down the water’s molecules, creating positively and negatively charged water ions, which electrolyzes the water. When this electrolyzed water is applied to a dirty surface, the charged ions in the water attach to the dirt and help lift it away, considerably reducing the need for additional cleaning chemicals.

As a result, green cleaning systems manufacturers have developed the following equipment based on activated water:

Electrolyzed water

Again, with an electrolyzed water system, an electrical charge is applied to water. The process is highly effective in green cleaning many surfaces, especially floors in schools and commercial facilities. The process helps eliminate the need for floorcare chemicals, which is a huge advancement in green cleaning, as floorcare chemicals are amongst the most potentially harmful cleaning agents in the professional cleaning industry.


Simply put, an electroporation system uses a low level of electricity to zap germs and bacteria on surfaces. The electrical charge breaks down the walls of the bacterial cells and kills them, which are then washed from the surface using plain tap water, with the goal of killing pathogens instantly.

Aqueous ozone

Using electricity, an aqueous ozone system adds an extra atom to water, converting it into ozone. As aqueous ozone is applied to a surface, the extra atom attacks contaminants on the surface and eliminates them, leaving just oxygen and water, which later evaporate.

However, while activated water is a very green way to clean and sanitize surfaces, it is not recognized as an EPA-registered disinfectant. If disinfecting is needed, in medical facilities, for example, then an EPA-registered disinfectant must be used.

Still, the above activated water technologies show great promise, which is why manufacturers are starting to embrace this technology. While some of the systems can be used only on floors or for specific surfaces, aqueous ozone can also be used on a variety of surfaces, from floors and walls to carpet and restroom fixtures.

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