Green cleaning for the summer camp season

Summer camp

Want to know what summer camp green cleaning is all about? Multiply the average cleaning scope by 100 – from sports equipment to arts and crafts, making a huge mess seems to be part of the camp experience. Summer campers are constantly moving from one activity to the next, so it’s important to remove dirt and bacteria in each area as safely and as green as possible. Here are the 4 main areas to green clean at summer camp.


Secure dirty clothing in the laundry, separating wet clothes to prevent mildew build up. Sweep nightly. Provide each camper with an airtight plastic box to store snacks, in order to cut down on pests that move into the room looking for food.

Arts and Crafts Halls

A microfiber dust mop is ideal for sweeping up glitter from craft projects on the floors of arts and crafts halls. Have campers use washable school glue for crafting whenever possible. Soak dried glue spots with damp microfiber cloths before wiping them away.


Restrooms are the most challenging areas of summer camp, as camp bathrooms are part sanitary, part showering, and part dressing room. As a result, all types of bacteria exist on the surfaces. Additionally, cleaning floor grout and behind toilets is challenging, but a spray-and-vac system is highly effective at cleaning all of these areas, with its compact size and high power.

Dining Area

From spilled food and drinks to sick children to tracked-in dirt, this is the dirtiest camp area that needs to be kept the cleanest and free of bacteria for the safety of the campers at each meal. Microfiber cloths, environmentally safe by nature, are highly effective at loosening foreign objects, soil and bacteria, leaving cleaner and healthier tables ready for the next meal.

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