Top 3 Things Mother’s Day and Green Cleaning have in common


So with another Mother’s Day just around the corner this coming Sunday, let’s take a moment to point out what this great homage to Mom has in common with green cleaning. Skeptical? Don’t be. When you think about, Mother’s Day and green cleaning has a lot in common. Read on for the top 3, as you might be surprised…

Low Decibel Volume

As green cleaning equipment such as Hepa rated vacuum cleaners contain a low decibel volume, so does an ideal Mother’s Day. The last thing Mom wants on Mother’s Day is any kind of loud, crazy madness. She probably wants something more along the lines of a peaceful brunch, a nap, a leisurely walk with her family, or all three.

Great Fragrances

As green cleaning is known for fresh scents, and for lacking the bad chemical smell that comes with so many petroleum-based, traditional cleaning solutions, so is Mother’s Day. Between the flowers, perfumes and lotions that are go-to gifts for Mom, great scents are as abundant on Mother’s Day as are chocolates. Beautiful fragrances have been associated with Mother’s Day for as long as the holiday has existed.

Non Toxic

As green cleaning solutions and equipment contain no toxicity by definition, so does Mother’s Day… Or it had better. As this day is Mom’s to feel appreciated and to relax, the last thing she wants or needs is anything or anyone toxic at all. Whether it’s dealing with high maintenance types, or difficult people, or drama queen situations, Mom needs a break. These types can wait for another day.

And there you have it. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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