Top Smart Tech Trends in Green Cleaning

Smart Tech in Green Cleaning

Smart technology is becoming more and more mainstream and affecting our everyday lives. This trend is rapidly changing the facilities management space, and green cleaning in particular. These are the Top Smart Tech Trends in Green Cleaning:




Robotics in cleaning is quickly emerging as a future cost effective, green trend in building maintenance. Robotics are becoming the predominant feature at cleaning industry trade shows, with a particular focus on floor care equipment. Floor cleaning is the largest and fastest growing robot category, forecasted to be a $600 million industry by 2020, predicted that North America will make up 55 percent of this market share. Why will robots will be so widely accepted in the cleaning industry? The main reason is consistency. These machines can guarantee quality cleaning. Customers demand accurate and consistent performance, and these machines can supply it. Gone will be the days of dealing with janitorial staff performance issues, staff not showing up for work, and/or under-performing. Additionally, as robotics become more mainstream, they will become more cost-effective, providing more budgetary consistency.


Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things providing every kind of data imaginable to help facility directors more effectively manage their buildings, green cleaning is no exception. For example, paper and soap dispensers will soon be fitted with inexpensive computer chips with the ability to report to property managers how much time is left until supplies need to be refilled. No more angry calls or emails from tenants frustrated that the toilet paper on the third floor restroom is out, or all that the soap is missing from the fourth floor locker room. Overall, this trend will lessen supply waste, in turn making your facility greener.


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