Green Cleaning

Making Sustainable Cleaning a Priority

From the very beginning, making a positive impact on the environment has been the cornerstone of our business model. At Shades of Green, we firmly believe in corporate responsibility to the environment, our clients, and our staff. As a result, the buildings we clean become healthier for everyone involved, from the day to day occupants to our own cleaning staff. Ultimately, this cuts down on sick time for building occupants and staff, which translates into cost savings for our clients.

The Green Cleaning Process

We take a proactive approach as we begin service on new property. Our process starts with an equipment and inventory audit to ensure that the property has the most up to date products and equipment.  We also conduct time studies to determine the most efficient ways to service the property.  This customized approach allows the client to get the most value for their investment in us.

As part of our commitment to green cleaning, we are continually implementing up-to-date techniques that work within your budget and do not further deplete the environment. For example, we utilize cleaning products that are bio-based solutions as opposed to petroleum-based ones. Also, we exclusively use CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) rated equipment such as Hepa vacuum cleaners, which when compared to standard vacuums provide superior filtering of air particles, and do so at a lower decibel volume. We incorporate best practices and procedures as outlined in the U.S Green Building Council’s IEQc 3.1 performance standards for Building Services Contractors as well as ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard CIMS 1101:2006.

The Advantages of Green Cleaning

In general, standard cleaning techniques and products have been proven to be harmful to the environment, building occupants, and the staff using them. For this reason, we avoid many traditional cleaning products, as they have the potential to increase risks for asthma, respiratory illnesses, and sick building syndrome. Furthermore, our processes and methodology are designed to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, and the products and equipment lines we use are all proven to be safe and non toxic for the environment and individuals. Ultimately, we focus on cleaning for health as well as appearance.

“Green Washing” and Certification

Lately, it has become trendy to be green. Green branding is seen as profitable and the green industry is undergoing massive growth. Unfortunately, this means that many companies that brand themselves as being green have greatly exaggerated the extent of their environmental commitment.

Here at Shades of Green, we do not see green cleaning as a marketing ploy; rather, it is the essence of our business. That is why we aim for transparency. We provide information and material safety data sheets with our products and supplies, outlining the benefits and rationale of our methodology.

As members of the US Green Building Council, we are fully committed to implementing LEED standards and practices for all of our clients, regardless of whether we are working on LEED properties. Furthermore, all the products and equipment we use have met the U.S. Green Building Council’s standards, and have been certified by third party agencies such as Green Seal, ECOLOGO, Design for the Environment and GREENGUARD.

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