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Handing Over the House Keys in Front of a Beautiful New Home.

3 things homebuyers really want from their realtors

What do homebuyers want from their realtors? How do they qualify YOU? There are many factors, but overall there are 3 things...
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3 reasons why real estate developers need a social media strategy

While a good social media strategy can generate revenue for the property management industry, the same can be said for real estate developers...
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4 great ways to get lease-ups through social media

So, you know your property needs to be on social media, and you’ve even tried to do it yourself a handful of times…
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Best New Technology In Green Cleaning

One of the newest advancements in green cleaning systems is referred to as activated water. Manufactured by different companies, a limited number of these systems have already...
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Summer camp

Green cleaning for the summer camp season

Want to know what summer camp green cleaning is all about? Multiply the average cleaning scope by 100– from sports equipment to arts and crafts, making a huge mess seems to be part...
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Smart Tech in Green Cleaning

Top Smart Tech Trends in Green Cleaning

Smart technology is becoming more and more mainstream and affecting our everyday lives. This trend is rapidly changing the facilities management space, and green cleaning in particular...
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6 Best Homemade Green Cleaners That Actually Work

One of the biggest myths in the industry that we hear is the misbelief that green cleaning solutions and equipment are less effective than that of traditional methods...
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Top 3 Things Mother’s Day and Green Cleaning have in common

So with another Mother’s Day just around the corner this coming Sunday, let’s take a moment to point out what this great homage to Mom has in common with green cleaning...

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